What Is Cooperative Purchasing?

The primary role of public procurement is to obtain quality goods and services to support effective and efficient government ensuring the prudent use of public funds. Public procurement professionals add value to every government program by:

-Providing efficient delivery of products and services
-Obtaining best value through competition
-Offering fair and equitable competitive contracting opportunities
-Maintaining public confidence through ethical practices

As contracting workloads increase, purchase requirements become more complex and budgets and resources decline, government procurement officials strain to continue to meet these objectives and seek new and innovative tools to deliver effective and efficient support. More and more, government procurement professionals are turning to various forms of cooperative contracts to ease the strain.

Cooperative contracts are becoming increasingly popular at the federal, state, and local levels. A cursory review of the state contracting environment reveals dozens of cooperative contracts covering a wide array of goods and services available at the state and local level. Cooperative purchasing is popular because it can save significant time and money in contract production as well as lower contract prices through the power of aggregation.

For more in depth information, reach out to your local Finley Sales Representative or contact one of the many cooperative purchasing contract suppliers below.

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

The HGACBuy Program is over 30 years old and specializes in high ticket, capital intensive products and services that require technical, detailed specifications and extensive professional skills to evaluate bid responses. All products offered through HGACBuy have been awarded by virtue of a public competitive process.

The NASPO ValuePoint purchasing cooperative program is led by State Procurement Officers from member States elected by their peers. NASPO ValuePoint Purchasing Cooperative Organization awards no contracts, but rather assists the states in their collaboration on solicitations and the resulting contracts. This cooperative purchasing program introduced a fire apparatus contract in 2016.

Sourcewell, formerly known as NJPA, was authorized by state law as an Educational Cooperative Service Unit (Service Cooperative #942) to serve education and government entities with solutions which are more efficiently delivered cooperatively than individually. For over 40 years, Sourcewell has helped government, education, and non-profit agencies operate more efficiently. 

Ohio State of Procurement, is a Ohio State purchasing consortium for all manner of goods and services, supporting government and non-profit organizations. These organizations have access to publicly solicited contracts specific to their industry.