Transitioning Back To Normal

Finley Fire Equipment is proud to offer fire, law & EMS departments, individuals and business products to make their environments safer during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Below are some great items that encourage safety in the workplace and home. For more information or to order any of these items, please reach out to your local Finley Sales Representative or by calling 740-962-4328.

Please note to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19, all products on this page are non returnable! 

Head & Face Protection

Finley Fire Equipment’s Turnouts Division has head and face protection available with many options and features:

-Cloth Face Covering w/ Elastic

-Cloth Face Covering w/ Elastic & Hat

-Cloth Face Covering w/ Elastic & Filter Slot

-Cloth Face Covering w/ Cloth Ties

-Hat w/ Face mask Attachment

-Cloth Face Covering w/ Elastic & Bandana

-Cloth Face Covering w/ Elastic – Childrens

Many colors and patterns to choose from! Contact us for more details!

KN95 Face Mask

  • Suitable for respiratory protection, filtering dust, haze, bacteria, droplets and other harmful particles in the air
  • Recommended for use by the general public and non medical industries
  • Folding face mask
  • Product is available in two quantities:
  • Sold in packs of 20 KN95 Protection Masks
  • Mask appearance may differ from photo shown



  • Enhanced Protection in Hazardous Environments
  • Complete Perimeter Seal
  • Comfortable, Offers Easy Breathing
  • Hypoallergenic Medical Adhesive
  • Eyeglasses Fit Over EyeShield

Substantially Protects Against:

  • Flu/Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Spores
  • Allergens
  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Debris
  • Insulation
  • Pepper Spray
  • Pollution
  • Smoke particles
  • Hazardous Particles

HengRunXin Protective Mask


  • Single Use Face Mask
  • 3 Layers
  • Adult
  • Unisex
  • 50 pcs / box
  • Silicon-free and lint-free blue Polyurethane loop
  • Ultra low lint and contamination level
  • Solvent-safe, double bagged packaging
  • Hypoallergenic soft surface layer that prevents skin irritation and allergy problems
  • Ultrasonic bonding reduces contamination

Majestic FR Face Mask


• Lightweight BREATHABLE added layer of protection
• Fire retardant fabric (C6 = INT C6 BLK PW)
• ARC Rated fabric (20 HRC / CAT 2)
• Colors:  BLACK & WHITE
• Wear over N95 mask to extend usage of N95 mask
• Wear alone for ADDED layer of protection
• Double ply construction
• Stretchable
• Moisture-wicking
• Comfortable
• Elastic ear loops for close fit
• Soft
• ONE SIZE fits most
• Reusable
• Easy to wear and take off
• Washable (FR protection will not wash or wear out)
• Discourage touching of nose and mouth
• Decrease the spread of wearer’s airborne particles from coughing or sneezing
• Reduce droplets and particles inhaled by the wearer


Finley Fire Equipment is proud to sell a complete portable disinfecting system
that’s designed to help business and institutions OPEN SAFELY and continue to disinfect everyday thereafter.

KLEAN/pak connects to garden hoses and is approved for spraying any dilutable liquid EPA List N disinfectant. The system is calibrated before shipping and has an easy adjustment setting to ensure the precise amount of disinfectant
is applied every time based upon manufacturers’ unique settings.

KLEAN/pak can deliver disinfecting solution for up to 5 continuous hours with just plain tap water. Typical sprayers allow only minutes worth of spray time before having to refill. Bottle and hand pump or garden type sprayers require constant physical energy to pressurize between sprays. Other sprayers require power supplies, compressed air tanks, and restrictive personal protective equipment beyond just safety glasses and gloves.

KLEAN/pak can disinfect up to 300,000 square feet between refills. Other sprayers cover tiny areas and require more filling and physical effort for coverage. TFT’s KLEAN/pak is designed to disinfect large common areas FAST…. from 10,000 to 300,000 square feet between pail refills!

KLEAN/pak produces large droplets that provide better coverage and protection. More disinfecting solutions makes it onto the items being cleaned. In addition,other sprayers can produce fine mists that cause blow-back on the operator and can carry through the air affecting customers or equipment.

Akron Brass FS100 Decon Portable Sprayer System

Akron Brass introduces the FS100™ Portable Sprayera rugged portable system that, when paired with EPA-approved disinfectants, combats the spread of viruses like COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) by delivering your choice of three different spray patterns to cover targeted areas.

This cost-effective and purpose-built disinfecting sprayer system consists of a small electric chemical pump, 50 ft. hose, nozzle, and wand. The durable, hard shell case is water-resistant and keeps the pump, battery**, and charger/maintainer safe from UV rays and chemicals.

Easy Application:

  • Fire apparatus
  • Ambulances
  • Law enforcement vehicles
  • Field hospitals and more

This automatic spray system is easy-to-use by any first responders, department volunteers and maintenance teams.

BotaniClean Disinfectant Cleaner – 5 Gallon Pail

Clean, disinfect, and deodorize in one easy step! BotaniClean is the only ProRestore product with a tuberculocidal claim!

-EPA LIST N: Disinfectant for use against SARS-COV-2, the cause of COVID-19
-EPA-registered: 34810-25-70385
-The only ProRestore product with a tuberculocidal claim on the label
-No PPE required: Read label for application instructions
-Ready-to-use formula

Unique Chemistry:
BotaniClean is a unique thymol cleaner and broad-spectrum, hospital-grade disinfectant that is EPA-registered (34810-25-70385).

Consistent Formulation:
BotaniClean’s formulation is homogenized, so its ingredients stay suspended. No shaking needed.

No PPE Required:
BotaniClean has an EPA Category IV rating, which means no warning, danger, or caution signal words are required on the label.

Kill Claims:
Kills an impressive list of harmful microbes including Tuberculosis, MRSA, H1N1, HIV, gram positive and gram negative microorganisms, and more. BotaniClean is an effective germicide, fungicide, and virucide.

Pleasant Fragrance:
BotaniClean also has a pleasant, mild fragrance and no harsh fumes.

One-Step Cleaning:
No additional rinsing or wiping is required when disinfecting and deodorizing. It can be used on hard surfaces and food contact surfaces. No residue is left behind after use. NEW- Also cleans and deodorizes carpet, upholstery, and fabrics.

Fresh-Gear Turnout Gear Detergent

Clean, disinfect, and deodorize your SCBA Face-piece with Fresh-Gear! Comes in gallons or in 12 ounce containers. Follow directions on product bottle for best results.