Online Access Of Over $5 Million In Dedicated Service Parts

Pierce Manufacturing offers a customer service web site specifically designed for identifying parts that pertain to your Pierce truck through the link located on the bottom of this page.

If your Pierce Apparatus was built before 7/1/95 ( job number starts with the letter E and is followed by a four digit number, example E0007 through E8113) you should go to the “Equipment Publications” section of the web site and select the  chassis & body parts manual titled PRC-OLDMANP.

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If your unit was built between 7/1/95 and 6/7/99 (job numbers E8124 through E9997 or  starts with a two letter prefix followed by a three  digit number EA066 through ED221) a limited parts listing is available by viewing the “Parts Catalog” on Specific manuals for your apparatus can also be viewed as described in the “Equipment Publications” section of

If your unit was built after 6/7/99 (job number is a five digit numeric number, example 10249 and higher) an extensive parts list, specific to your vehicle, is available by viewing the “Parts Catalog” on

If you wish to order parts, please contact us at 740-962-4328.

Finley Fire Equipment Customer Service

Phone: 740-962-4328

Accessing The Pierce Parts & Manuals Website

Please read the following instructions carefully to learn how to access the Pierce parts and manuals website:

By clicking on the link below you will be taken to the customer service website for Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.

To sign-in to this password protected site, simply click on the “Login as Guest” link as indicated by the red arrow on the image below.

Once logged in, you will be able to:

  • Search the Parts Catalog to view info about a specific job, VIN, or part number and order parts online.
  • View manuals and other Pierce Publications.
  • If you have any questions, please call us at 740-962-4328.
Pierce Parts Website

Finley Parts Specialists

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