From Basic To Complex We Have You Covered

From minor accident repairs to complete body replacement and aerial remounts, look to Finley Fire Equipment and Pierce to add quality years to the life of your apparatus.

Each job is handled in house at the Pierce headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin or at our Corporate Complex in McConnelsville, Ohio. With our service technicians and Pierce Engineers we assure you the highest quality product and results. Custom blueprint drawings are produced as a standard procedure, guaranteeing complete attention to detail.

Accident Repairs

Quick turnaround to get the apparatus back to work.

Accidents happen; its a fact of life. But, when they happen to your apparatus, you can be assured that Pierce & Finley Fire Equipment will repair your vehicle to its original quality.

Aerial Overhauls

Get a new aerial or a new body.

Have your aerial device remounted on a new Pierce Custom Chassis with a completely new body. Or, we can refurbish and remount your existing aerial body. Either way you’ll get superior performance for much less than a new aerial apparatus. Re-certifications, service and testing are included. Complete aerial overhauls and NFPA updates are also available.


Upgrade and modernize.

Modifications and upgrades are available to comply with current NFPA standards, such as relocation of horns and sirens, new warning lights, plumbing changes, auxiliary braking devices and more. Modifications are available for makes and models of apparatus.

Glider Kits

Use major components on existing apparatus.

This is one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to bring an older apparatus up to compliance with the most current NFPA standards. Utilizing major components from your old apparatus – engine, transmission, pump and rear axle – we’ll build a new custom vehicle around them.

Cab & Body Replacements

All-new at a fraction of the cost.

Choose a complete cab or body replacement or both. Either way, you’ll realize the benefits of an apparatus with all-new, top-quality factory components for a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle. With a replacement cab you’ll receive a completely new steering system, seats, upholstery, electrical wiring, and gauges. Body replacement includes a new water tank, plus a pump enclosure and a new pump control panel can be added.

Cab Conversions

Four-door enclosed crew-cab conversions get more room.

Upgrade your legacy two-door, open-crew-cab Dash, Lance or Pierce Arrow into a four-door, fully enclosed crew cab. You’ll get added safety and comfort, and since the conversions are designed and built by the original manufacturer, you’re guaranteed the finished product will equal original Pierce quality standards.

PL Custom Ambulance Remount Service

Keep or refurbish your existing module, upgrade your chassis.

All remount work is done at PL Custom’s manufacturing facility with full support from the PL engineering staff. To learn more about the PL remounting or refurbishment process follow the link below.

PL Custom Ambulance Refurb