What Our Customers Say

It’s all about the customer and their satisfaction. See what our customers are saying about the services we provide. Have a testimonial of your own that you would like to share? Be sure to visit the “Contact Us” page and drop us a line!

Have done several orders of equipment with Keith Puckett: Very happy with everything. Thanks!

Great open house! Love to get out and see new things in the industry. Excited for next year!

Finley is a great place to deal with! Real nice people, and one hell of a nice owner!

Finley has been great and more than willing to work with us. Great sales people, as well as the customer service people. We will continue to shop here, thanks for the great service and service after the sale.

Great group of people with quality equipment and customer service.

I would like to thank Nick Ware with Finley Fire Equipment for coming out today on such short notice to help get our engine up and going after our adventure last night in the heavy rain. We we're responding to a house fire with some elderly people in it, and to get to them we had to go through about 4 feet of water, needless to say the truck could only handle about 18 inches of water so we ended up swamping our truck. I called Nick the next morning and told him our problem,  he came right out to help us. I have worked with Finley on several occasions, and have experianced great service from them. Keep up all the great work!

LaFayette VFD has been using Dennis Creamer and Finley Fire Equipment for several years now for all our equipment needs. They have worked hard to give us great prices and help us get more quality equipment for our money. We have had Nick perform maintenance on our engine a couple times, he is a knowledgeable mechanic who worked hard to get things fixed.

Dear Mr. Finley:

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your company for excellent customer service and efficiency. We recently purchased a new Pierce Skyboom and the service that we received from your salesman, Ryan Roberts, has been excellent. He has made the last eighteen-month process of designing, building and delivery painless.

Mr. Roberts attended several of our meetings and was available for a phone call or text, twenty-four hours a day. He has also helped with equipment purchases such as hose fittings and other items, and again in that department, hats off to Ryan.

We appreciate your attention and professionalism, and look forward to future endeavors together.

We currently purchased our third apparatus from your company. Two of the three, we have dealt with Keith Puckett in the purchasing process. I have been fortunate enough to be part of the truck committee on all three purchases. He has provided excellent service during both purchases.  Emails, phone calls, and text messages were answered in a timely manner no matter when they were sent to him. With his fire service history, he was able to bring very important suggestions to our attention, which improved the function of our apparatus. We are very pleased with the way Keith represents your company. The quality of the workmanship of Pierce and the support of Keith, proves to us that we have made the right decision in the purchase of our new apparatus. It has been a pleasure to work with Finley Fire Equipment and Keith, and we look forward to working with your company in the future.

Finley Fire Equipment does a great job selling and servicing our equipment! Always friendly when you call.


Richard Browne has been great to work with, as well as everyone else in the Finley Organization! Thank you for all your assistance.

I am the chief of Fairview Fire Department. Finley took in my truck and repaired it back to new shape. Bringing it home it was involved in a traffic accident that unfortunately totaled the truck. The team at Finley  told me not to worry, that everything will be just fine. The men helping me was Dennis Creamer and John W. Finley. I'm not going to lie, I worried myself sick. They ended up putting us in a lot better shape than where we started. They could've just as easily took the easy way out of this. I'm very thankful for the men and women at Finley Fire Equipment for all their help. I would also like to thank Dennis Creamer very much for all his help in this matter. A very big thank you from all of Fairview Fire Department to John W. Finley for his kind heart and his generosity. Fairview Fire Department is looking forward to doing a lot of business with Finley Fire Equipment in the near future. Thank you all once again!

Dennis Creamer is an awesome guy to deal with for all your fire equipment needs. Guthrie Volunteer Fire Department just ordered some items from him and Dennis was so helpful: and he beat everyone's prices around! He was also great at calling or emailing me if I had any questions. I highly recommend Finley Fire Equipment and Dennis Creamer! Thanks for everything you have done for us at Guthrie Volunteer Fire Department!

My name is Justin Cooper. I have been in fire service in Fordsville Kentucky for 11 years. I have come across some terrible companies, one with service, and the other on some equipment. With that being said, I have purchased some equipment from your company through Keith Puckett. It was exactly what he said - on time with awesome service and professionalism! Today your company performed a pump test on my 2 trucks, and I have never met a nicer more helpful guy in my life. We had been having trouble with a injector pump bolt and with his patience while it was being fixed was just awesome. Everything was great. Thank you for having a honest upfront company with great service.